Together with Raphaels we performed a deep dive in the buyer journey of the ZZP/MKB. Our goal was to uncover insights how to be better able to tap in to the needs of the B2B market and service this segment at the right moment in the Buyer Journey.


Raphaels organised and conducted visits with different ZZP/MKB companies, sessions with dealers, influencers, users and choosers. In a dynamic process based on advancing insights we managed to co create a Buyer Journey where the relevant emotional and functional touchpoints, moments, drivers and barriers of the ZZP/MKB segment have been identified.


By bringing to life the Buyer Journey, we are able to develop more relevant and concrete concepts that tap into the right emotions, moments and needs of the ZZP/ MKB Segment: Offer them what they want, when they need it most. It helped us to understand exactly who we are dealing with.

- Nienke Pleket, Segment Marketeer, Pon's Automobielhandel